Warehousing property


The importance of security at warehousing in Pretoria is of great essence in order to ensure your safety. Our warehousing property in Pretoria is equipped with a fully operational control room. All movement will be monitored at at this industrial property.

The N4 Gateway Warehousing properties Pretoria are a proclaimed township and have FSR coverage. Electricity is guaranteed at the N4 Gateway industrial property ,Pretoria.

The Warehouse properties in Pretoria are approached with a slip-way of the main R104 dual lane carriage way. On two additional sides, N4 Gateway is flanked by soon to be completed dual lane highways. Warehouse properties Pretoria are easy accessible.

The N4 Gateway Warehousing property Pretoria is situated on the main east-west and north south road transport arteries of the city of Tshwane. One approaches the industrial property with unrestricted visibility, across an open suburban landscape.

N4 Gateway Warehousing Pretoria is an echo friendly development with green parkland strips within the industrial property. You will even find a wetland that has been restored by the developer in the middle of the warehousing development.

When looking at the site plan of the N4 Gateway industrial development with great warehousing sites you will be able to choose your ideal WAREHOUSING PROPERTY in Pretoria. By viewing this property development from above, you will also be able to see how accessible the property is from all roads in the area.

N4 Gateway Warehousing property Pretoria is a prime development in the East of Pretoria. This vacant land was developed into a turnkey project as factory stands, industrial properties, and warehouse properties in Pretoria. N4 Gateway development for light industrial stands and warehousing properties, are now selling direct to you the investor and developer.

N4 Gateway development for light industrial sites and factory stands is a first for this region, elsewhere warehouse properties are normally lacking in sufficient protection and safety when leaving and approaching the premises. Warehousing properties Pretoria redefines the concepts of safety and are even safe after hours.

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